Heating the church – the story of creating a comfortable building

February 19, 2021

Over its life, St Wilfrid’s church was probably a very cold place in which to be, or to worship.  Box pews were installed in the 16th century as a crude form of keeping warm. If you didn’t bring your own form of heating or extra clothing with you, such as heated stones or fur blankets, […]

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Norman Knights – Hospitallers journey to Barrow upon Trent

February 16, 2021

1066 – William the Conqueror arrived in England accompanied by Henry de Ferrers 1068 – March through England – William gave Henry 210 manors including 114 in Derbyshire 1086 – Henry de Ferrers allocated land in Derbyshire to Ralf de Bakepuiz including Barrow upon Trent (they were neighbours in Eure, Normandy) 1099 – Conquest of […]

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Shedding light in the church

February 12, 2021

Until the early 20th century, the lighting in the church was by candlelight.  The building would have been a very dark place in the winter months, and candles shone out of the porch windows to light the way for visitors, and keep away evil spirits!  There were no lights in the churchyard and visitors would […]

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What did St Wilfrid’s church look like originally ?

February 9, 2021

Might it have looked like this? Trevor Yorke  2001     At St Wilfrid’s, the wall between the main body of the church (the Nave) and the smaller ‘religious’ section (the Chancel) is still standing today.  Part of the chancel itself fell down in medieval times but unfortunately we don’t know when. Looking up towards the roof […]

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A new church floor – a mixture of discovery and delight!

February 5, 2021

The base floor of the church building is earth, and contains much heritage that we have been very careful not to disturb.  In the early years of the church, in Anglo-Saxon and Mediaeval times, it was usual for people to be buried under the church floor.  Evidence of this lay on the surface of the […]

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When was St Wilfrid’s church built ?

February 2, 2021

We don’t know exactly how old the church in Barrow is.  There are however, some suggestions that it might be up to 1200 years old.  Not all of it – most of the building came later; but here is what we have found out so far: A church in Barrow is mentioned in the Domesday […]

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