An early alabaster Effigy – is this the oldest of its kind?

February 26, 2021

The effigy of a priest in St Wilfrid’s was a prime subject for conservation and research.  Having learnt that the effigy was possibly the oldest known alabaster effigy of a priest in the country, we decided to call in a well-known firm of conservators, Skillingtons, and under the care of Dr David Carrington, and Laura […]

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Barrow – the River Trent and the Knights Hospitallers

February 23, 2021

The River Trent has been of great importance to the development of the village of Barrow. When the Knights Hospitallers were offered the Church in Barrow in 1165 by Robert de Bakepuiz, they must have found the site in Barrow most attractive. Built in a small village on the flood plane of a river, there […]

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Heating the church – the story of creating a comfortable building

February 19, 2021

Over its life, St Wilfrid’s church was probably a very cold place in which to be, or to worship.  Box pews were installed in the 16th century as a crude form of keeping warm. If you didn’t bring your own form of heating or extra clothing with you, such as heated stones or fur blankets, […]

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Norman Knights – Hospitallers journey to Barrow upon Trent

February 16, 2021

Norman Knights – Hospitallers journey from Jerusalem to Barrow upon Trent In 1165 the Church of St Wilfrid was given to the Knights Hospitallers by Robert de Bakepuiz.  In 1288 his descendent, John confirmed the grant of the rectory and grants of land. The Bakepuiz ownership of the land was a direct result of the […]

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Shedding light in the church

February 12, 2021

Until the early 20th century, the lighting in the church was by candlelight.  The building would have been a very dark place in the winter months, and candles shone out of the porch windows to light the way for visitors, and keep away evil spirits!  There were no lights in the churchyard and visitors would […]

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What did St Wilfrid’s church look like originally ?

February 9, 2021

Might it have looked like this? Or maybe it looked like this?                                                                                        […]

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