Digital points of interest and interpretation boards

Digital points of interest and interpretation boards

Within St Wilfrid’s you will find a series of digital beacons that can be accessed via an app onto your mobile phone or tablet.  The app is available at the QR code on the information hub just inside the church.

Within the Information hub just inside the church you will find paper trails, for both adults and children, that will either enhance, or take the place of, the digital trail around the church.

The digital beacons are black, shield-shaped plaques at various positions on the walls around the church. These beacons give some information on the surface of the plaque, but the beacon app will give much more information on to your personal digital equipment.  Just place your smart phone or tablet close to each beacon until it makes a connection.

In addition, you will see around the churchyard, and in the porch, some interpretation boards that give either written or sound information about the church, the Knights Hospitaller, the churchyard and the village.

St. Wilfrid

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