The Beaumonts of Barrow upon Trent

The Beaumonts of Barrow upon Trent

The Beaumonts of Barrow upon Trent

This film was made with year 6 pupils from Sale and Davys School in Summer 2022.  Some of it was filmed at the 1620’s House in Donington le Heath.  It tells the story of the Sale family of Barrow and their attempts to remain Catholic during the reformation.  It also tells of an involvement in the Gunpowder Plot.

Thank you to Sale and Davys and all the children who took part.

The script was written by Wendy Freer and made by Pudding Bag Productions.




One thought on “The Beaumonts of Barrow upon Trent

  1. I am currently reading a book about the Reformation and have visited Germany over the summer finding out about Luther. I found your film very interesting looking at what was still happening a century later. We so easily take our freedoms for granted. So much of the world does not have the same privilege even now. What a great way for the children to learn and to teach others. Loved your film and its location. Thank you.

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