Evaluation of our Transformation project

Evaluation of our Transformation project

Part of the process of undergoing a significant transformation is to evaluate whether or not it has achieved what it intended to do.

The Project Team appointed an organisation to do this on our behalf – Andrew Meredith Associates.  During the building part of the project, collection of information is relatively easy to do; have we made the building accessible, the building warm and comfortable etc.?

The activities that we have planned to undertake are sometimes more difficult to assess, and AMA are undertaking information collection to find out what has been done from our published Activities Plan, and how successful it has been.

The easier part of the evaluation is whether or not we have achieved the outcomes in making the church building a welcoming and comfortable place to be.  The photographs show the difference that has been achieved by the builders, H A Briddon.

Before the work began:

During the transformation:

Now judge for yourself!

Some of the many planned Activities include formal planned events such as involvement with the Sale and Davys School to deliver the curriculum and to involve the children in the life and experience of the church.

Other more informal experiences are tea and chat, craft events, art exhibitions and so on.  These activities will continue for several years before the final evaluation of the success is achieved, and will continue for many years afterwards.

St. Wilfrid

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