Tapestries repurposed

Around 40 years ago many people in the church congregation, and beyond, created kneelers (hassocks) using tapestry pictures that they had embroidered.  These were hung from the pews and used by congregation members for many years.

When the transformation project was discussed, and the decision was made to move from pews to chairs, discussion was held about how these hassocks could be repurposed. A team of ladies led by Helen and Judith decided that the tapestries, being part of our heritage, should be made into a screen that could be used in any part of the church, not only as a decorative item, but also to create a private space if needed anywhere in the building.

The team spent many weeks unpicking the tapestries from the bases of the kneelers, and Helen undertook the task of cleaning, drying and stretching the material to create a montage of tapestries on a background of new cloth, not an easy task!

The result is a moveable screen that celebrates not only the work of those people half a century ago, but also provides a useful piece of equipment in the church.  The names of the original stitchers of the tapestries have been recorded within the screen and within the church.  A few kneelers have been saved for use by anyone who requires the facility during church services.

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